To provide photos and general location of burial plots for the Churchill Cemetery.

Project Credit

Project completed by the University of Winnipeg Department of Geography

Two options to view Churchill Cemetery

  1. Google Earth - view names, plot locations, and plot photographs (.JPG)

  2. PDF map - view names and plot locations 

View Churchill Cemetery using Google Earth

Download the free Google Earth software (if not installed on computer).  Click here to download

Click here to view the Churchill Cemetery

A KMZ file will open the Churchill Cemetery Project in Google Earth. Press OK.

Under Places, expand drop down arrows until names appear (Places/Temporary Places/Cemetery_plots/Cemetery_plots).

Search by name or plot location

Click (or double click) on name to display plot location and photo(s).

Search by plot - click on plot to view name and photo(s)


Click on Photo 1 (or Photo 2) to view images




View Churchill Cemetery using PDF map

  1. Download Churchill Cemetery Name Lookup Table here - find name and record Plot ID
  2. Download Churchill Cemetery Map here - match Plot ID on map to find location 


Helpful hints:


Department of Geography - University of Winnipeg